Arranging a Funeral

Helping with Every Aspect of the Funeral Arrangements for Your Loved One

Funeral Arrangements

As professional funeral directors, we take care of every aspect of caring for your loved one and offer guidance and support to you as a family while you prepare to say goodbye. We will be there to guide you through the process every step of the way. 

First Steps
We will arrange to meet you either in your own home or at our offices, whichever is most comfortable for you.

Tailoring the Service
Our team is dedicated to creating a funeral service that reflects the unique life of your loved one. Whether you prefer a traditional service, a non-religious celebration, or a small private gathering, we are here to accommodate your needs. We will assist you in selecting readings, music, and any special tributes that honour the memory of the deceased.

Practical Matters
We understand that dealing with practical aspects can be overwhelming. Our team will guide you every step of the way with:

  • managing all necessary paperwork, including repatriation to and from Ireland where required
  • discussing burial or cremation options and assistance with selecting coffins, caskets and urns
  • arranging burial plots or cremation appointments
  • organising and guiding you through the wake, removal; and religious, civil or non-denominational service
  • organising floral tributes, charitable donations instead of flowers, online streaming of service
  • offering advice on embalming, viewings, and transport options
  • publishing death notices
  • providing a detailed breakdown of costs

Additional Support
Our commitment extends beyond the day of the funeral. We provide ongoing support and can assist with memorial services, handling donations to charities in lieu of flowers, and guidance on managing affairs after the funeral.

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Arranging a Funeral
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Frequently Asked Questions

About Arranging a Funeral
1What are the first steps to take after a loved one passes away?

Upon a loved one’s passing, it is important to inform the next of kin, the family doctor (G.P.) to obtain a medical certificate of death, and a funeral director to assist with funeral arrangements. You can contact Kelly’s Funeral Directors at any time at (043) 334-6304. We can then assist with the transportation of the deceased and guide you through every step of the process of planning the funeral.

If the death occurred unexpectedly at home then you may also need to contact the Gardaí who will decide if the coroner needs to be informed of the death.

2Who is responsible for making funeral arrangements?

The responsibility usually lies with the next of kin, such as a spouse, adult child, or parent. However, friends or legal executors named in the will can also undertake these arrangements if they were close to the deceased.
3What are the options for burial and cremation?

We offer various choices for both burial and cremation, tailored to personal, religious, or cultural preferences, with a range of coffins, caskets, and urns. We also offer online streaming and recording of services to allow friends and family who cannot attend to view the service live or at a later time.
4Can a non-religious or humanist service be arranged?

We arrange non-religious or humanist services that celebrate the life of the deceased without religious rituals, tailored to personal beliefs and values.
5How can we personalise the funeral service?

We help families personalise the service by selecting specific music, readings, and incorporating visual tributes that reflect the individuality of the deceased, including personal items or cherished memories.
6Is assistance available for death notices and obituaries?

We offer support in drafting and distributing death notices and obituaries, ensuring they respectfully reflect the life and legacy of the deceased.
7What options are available for memorial services or tributes?

We provide various options for memorials, from online tributes to planting memorial trees, or arranging separate services.
8How can funeral costs be managed effectively?

We provide a detailed breakdown of costs, assisting families with planning a service that respects financial constraints while still honouring the deceased.
9What services are available for repatriation (when a loved one dies abroad?)

Our repatriation services include all legal and logistical arrangements needed to bring the deceased back to their home country.
10How is the deceased cared for before the funeral?

Your loved ones are always treated with the utmost care, dignity, and respect. We will discuss options for embalming, dressing, and arranging viewings, in line with family wishes and cultural practices.